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My name is Dragos Axenti and I am Product Designer from the country where the wine flows like the water in a river. Experienced in IxD, IA, UX/UI, and Graphic Design.

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Apps that fit user needs

I design user centered apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Android devices. Also I am collaborating with developers to create reliable and easily scalable products.

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Next Gen User Interfaces

User Interfaces are evolving with very big steps. The futuristic interfaces from the movies: Oblivion, Tron, Westworld are not so far.

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  • Web sites & apps made for millions

    Design solves problems. It is the answer to question; you need to understand that first in order to answer the riddle.

    • Graphic Design

      Custom designed illustrations & pixel perfect icons.

    • Landing Page Design

      Design & A/B Test landing page variants.

    • Web Sites & Web Apps

      Complex dashboard pages and data driven web sites.

    • Interaction Design

      Giving motion to static designs.

  • iPad Image

A good design is driven by needs & defined by constraints.


Startups and companies who innovate and create customer and user oriented products: Educational, Social, Financial and Healthcare.

  • Instapage
  • Oxford
  • Spotio
  • Quick Key
  • Niagara Fitness
  • Koning Corp
  • Guest Crew
  • Cap Guru

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